The Jumping Horse

The Grand National is one of the most famous horse races in the world. In 1963 the race was won by an unknown horse named Ayala. The 66-1 outsider proved a lucky omen for the owners of a relatively small shop fitting and joinery business in Suffolk, who subsequently incorporated the Ayala name into their business forming Ayala Abbott & Butters Limited in 1964.

The company remained a small but highly successful business, designing and building pubs and restaurants across Europe for major hospitality groups until the 1980s when the business diversified into projects on a more grand scale, fitting out hotels and palaces in locations as far away as East Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe and in so doing gained a reputation for exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail. This diversification led to the eventual formation in 1988 of Ayala International with offices in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

The company continues to this day to provide its own brand of personalised service to a selective group of private and royal clients as well as meeting the needs of corporate, Governmental and retail customers worldwide.

Ayala Specialist Contractor

Ayala has grown into a leading provider of construction services and specialist interiors for a diversified range of projects and in so doing has gained a well-earned reputation for meeting client expectations in terms of cost, quality and timely completion.

As a builder, or design & build contractor, Ayala can provide a tailored service to match our client’s needs. Working with world famous designers or providing a multi-discipline in-house design, Ayala can ensure our clients have as much or as little involvement in the process as they desire.

Over the years Ayala has developed long-term relationships with many specialist suppliers and subcontractors. This cooperation allows us to maintain consistent quality standards wherever we work worldwide. This consistency has translated itself into long-term relationships with cients in many fields of operation over many years.

A successful project is born from a great design, a very skilled workforce and the best of materials. Providing our clients with a quality product is the aim of everyone associated with an Ayala project. From the skilled tradesman to the chief executive, all are obsessed with achieving this goal and share the belief that there can be no compromise.

Our experienced team of design professionals and construction managers ensure that attention is paid to every detail in all projects irrespective of size and complexity. Ayala executes work on a grand scale, and also projects with more modest scope. No project is too small, and all projects benefit from Ayala’s attention to detail and rigorous quality control.

We take sincere pride in achieving the best and that philosophy has ensured that the company has repeat business from many clients returning time and time again for Ayala’s particular brand of service.

A Global Presence

Ayala is truly a global company providing clients with outstanding projects regardless of culture or geographic position within the world to reflect taste, harmony and respect of the owner’s style.

Working alone, no one company could so consistently achieve outstanding results. Over the years, Ayala has relied on the skill and commitment of trusted partners, craftsmen, suppliers, architects and designers who share a passion for excellence. These partnerships have endured across the years, and will continue into the future.

Ayala’s next great work will perhaps be for a luxury hotel, a casino, a shopping centre or private yacht. Whatever and wherever it is, it will bear Ayala’s hallmark of sincere pride. With the strong heart of a champion, nothing less will do.