Residential Projects

Ayala has created a host of fine residences in various parts of the world for both royal and private clients.

Acting as designer and builder, or working with the clients’ appointed consultants, these properties are amongst the most luxurious in the world. With values up to $ 200 million these projects are on a grand scale in terms of both size and complexity.

Naturally Ayala’s clients expect and receive a high degree of privacy and confidentiality in what is after all their private homes, so that is why we refrain from publishing here photographs of these projects.

With an eclectic mix of projects from chalets in the French Alps, Arabesque palaces of the Arabian Gulf, villas on the Black Sea and town houses and penthouses in London, Ayala has gained a depth of knowledge of an array of architectural styles, and is equally well versed in creating authentic period or contemporary interiors. Our projects are all built to the highest quality standards for which the company is renowned.