SCM Headquarters

System Capital Management is one of Eastern Europe’s largest and most respected corporations, with diverse holdings that range from commercial real estate and hotels to steel production plants and other industrial operations. When the company chose to site its offices in a building near Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry and the historic St. Michael’s Cathedral, it selected Ayala to create a world-class headquarters.

The building presented architectural challenges, as it had been designed for residential purposes several years earlier. Ayala oversaw the complete re-modeling and re-planning of the building including the facades, a new lobby, staircases and lift shafts. 

The focal point of the building was the top two floors, which house a boardroom and executive suites, complemented by several floors of managerial offices, open-plan spaces and an auditorium, incorporating rich custom design elements with a completely integrated state of the art electronic audio-visual system. The lobby, circulation areas and washrooms use a combination of marble and wood to create a modern corporate feel and luxurious environment throughout the building.